Essay on All Representations Of People And Politics Are Acts Of Manipulation

Essay on All Representations Of People And Politics Are Acts Of Manipulation

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I saw the disdain creep into your faces as soon as you saw what I was wearing. The wrinkled shirt and the tattled shorts are the way I chose to represent myself, and unsurprisingly they had an impact on the way you viewed me, before I had even begun. What you must realise though, is not the fact that you were all quick to judge, as that is intrinsic to the human psyche, but that I was able to mould your interpretation of my character to my liking through the representation of my outer self.

Good morning colleagues, I’m honoured to have the chance to speak to you all about the topic of: "All representations of people and politics are acts of manipulation". As I’ve already demonstrated, it is quite clear that all representations of people and politics are indeed acts of manipulation, and this is primarily facilitated by the malleability of the human range of thought.

Now, although I’d like to look at a broad range of texts that stand as testaments to the statement, I only have time for one today, and it is the second play of the Henriad, King Henry IV Part 1, by the Bard of Avon, William Shakespeare. Perhaps the most prominent concept throughout the play represented by Shakespeare is the nature of leadership and the political issues that arise from it such as honour and relationships. Shakespeare chose to present this particular concept and the issues pertaining to it, as a result of the turbulent political context that surrounded England during the 15th and 16th centuries, and because of its dynamic link to both people and politics.

Moving on, as I begin to discuss the ideal of honour within the Elizabethan era and its impact on Shakespeare and thus his audience, I will first define hon...

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...ker? It’s completely logical that a masterful composition of literary techniques is able to reform the original perceptions of a responder, as humans are easily manipulated. Shakespeare holds true in this regard, composing King Henry IV, Part 1, in order to propose his ideas on political leadership, specifically honour and temperament. Oh, look at the time, unfortunately this is where I leave you to ponder on Shakespeare and his near perfect manipulation of his audience. Thank you for listening.

You’ve captured the language of the speech effectively, but I don’t think you need the initial paragraph. The analysis and ideas are good, just read back over and make sure they are properly addressing the question and rubric - at times they drift away from this. Also remember this is supposed to be a persuasive response and you need to have techniques that reflect that.

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