Essay on All Our Personalities Is Unique

Essay on All Our Personalities Is Unique

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Every human being living on earth has a particular personality that makes them unique. As creatures of both nature and nurture, it’s important to consider that there are a variety of factors that contribute to the development of our personality (Barness & Parish, 2013). Personality is a set of traits and characteristics unique to an individual. Without the existence of different personalities, everybody would think, act, and display the same emotions in a given scenario. Although it seems as if sometimes it’s a natural thing to act a specific way, the environment we find ourselves in is what ultimately shapes and constraints us to act in a certain matter (“What is Personality,” 2009). The behaviorist perspective on personality seeks to develop explanations of behavior; behaviorist believe that personality develops as people interact with others in their environments. Thus, personality development is a complex process but there are many potential environmental influences that help to shape it (Moore, 2013).
Behaviorism is a theory of personality that sees everything in terms of conditioning. The theory was founded by John B. Watson who believed that our responses to environmental stimuli shape our behavior. Behaviorist such as Ivan Pavlov, John B. Watson, and BF Skinner believed that with the right conditioning, a person could successfully be trained to perform any task. Accordingly, through classical or operant conditioning we acquire specific behaviors that ultimately contribute to our personality development (Moore, 2013). According to Kendra Cherry, “classical conditioning pairs a naturally occurring stimulus with a response. Next, a previously neutral stimulus is paired with the naturally occurring stimulus. Eventually, the p...

... middle of paper ... and aversion therapy. Behaviorist therapy is based upon teaching desirable behavior and extinguishing undesirable behavior (Friedman & Schustack, 2010).
Behaviorism is the idea that every behavior we display has been learned either by classical conditioning, operant conditioning or modeling other’s behavior. The behaviorist approach towards personality draws significant attention to the environment. How the environment responds to our actions ultimately shapes what behavior we will display in the future in similar situations (Moore, 2013). Although the behaviorist theory cannot solely explain personality development alone, it has the potential to explain a large part of it. The environment that surrounds us, the people we interact with, and how others respond to our behavior is what eventually contributes to our personality (Barness, Ryan, and Parish, 2013).

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Essay on All Our Personalities Is Unique

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