All Our Dreams Can Come True Essay

All Our Dreams Can Come True Essay

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Walt Disney once said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” While it is understandable that Disney means goal-oriented dreams, his statement also applies to sleep induced dreams. How? On occasion a dream transforms into a reality. Throughout the years, movies, novels, and musicals have presented the generic theme of dreams and what they are. Sometimes the dream concludes happily, but other times it ends disastrously. I hope my dream ends in the latter.
I hear seagulls crying, children laughing, waves crashing; I smell the dead fish, rotting seaweed, and tangy salt air; I taste sprayable sunscreen in my mouth, salt on my lips; I feel the sun beating down on my skin, the sand squirming beneath my feet, and the water tickling my toes as it laps at the beach. Looking left and right, there are families enjoying the fresh air and camaraderie of a vacation. In front of me-- constantly moving with white caps breaching the crests of the waves-- is the ocean. Splashing into the water, I dive beneath the surface and it suddenly goes silent. No laughter, cries, waves, just rushing water. I swim below the surface as if I have a mermaid tail. My need for air diminishes as explore further and further out towards the reef. Taking in the beauty, my excitement builds as I see the bright, vibrant colors-- orange, pink, green, yellow-- of the coral. Off to my right, I hear a chattering sound. Turning toward the sound, I see a sleek, gray blur. Suddenly, my heart races, pulse quickens, mouth turns dry; fear courses through my veins as I desperately try to swim away from the moving shape. My muscles do not move, I freeze on the spot as the creature deftly slices through the water in my direction. Scared beyond mea...

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...and how many people can potentially be affected. While anyone can experience hypnosis, it does not entirely have the ability to force people to act against their will in extreme situations, nor can hypnosis enhance the recall of forgotten events. As stated by Spiegel, hypnosis can relieve pain but it is unable to increase memory skills. One thing hypnotists must be careful of is betraying a client’s secrets or ideals. Both parties should agree to the intentions of the hypnotic session and adhere to that consent. In one case, according to the article, a client felt betrayed because he shook hands with someone else despite being a germaphobe for eight years. After reviewing the clip, the man, Mandel, was not thrilled with his actions. While hypnosis is a potential, groundbreaking, psychological finding, it can also be dangerous and invasive to personal space and beliefs

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