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What is there to be said about a mothers love? Some say that it is a bond that can never be severed or that a mother’s love is unconditional. The mother, Kate, in “All My Sons” still intensely believes that her son Larry is still alive. Throughout the play we learn many things about Kate. We know that she is superstitious because of the way she looks at dreams and horoscopes, intelligent from the way she knows what’s going on and that Joe always asks her what to do, and manipulating in a way towards people who bring up Larry’s death or a sensitive subject comes up. Also Kate could be called naive for knowing the truth for so long but not accepting it.
Within the first few minutes of the play we hear that Frank Lubey is writing a horoscope for Larry that Kate asked him to make. Kate wants to know if November 25, the day of Larry’s disappearance, was his favorable day or not. After 3 years Kate is turning to the stars for an answer about Larry’s vanishing. Most people just read their horoscopes for entertainment instead of judging if someone is dead or not. Later on page 17 lines 4-10 of “All My Sons” Kate says:
“…everything decides to happen at the same time. This month is his birthday; his tree blows down, Annie comes. Everything that happened seems to be coming back. I was just down in the cellar and what do I stumble over? His baseball glove. I haven’t seen it in a century.”
To Kate these are signs but as we find out later we know that these signs might mean the opposite of what she thinks they mean. In my opinion of how she interprets these signs is that this month is his birthday and his memorial tree blows over symbolizing that they don’t need it anymore because he is alive. Annie comes to visit as well and Kate takes thi...

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...’t accept anything but that Larry will one day walk back up the drive way and finally be home.
Kate has done many things throughout this play, that when reading it, I thought she was a little crazy. Only in the fact that she has kept Larry’s room the same with all the shirts clean and shoes polished. But then again we have to put ourselves in her shoes and say “how long would I wait for my missing son to return home?” Personally, the fact that Kate was not ready to move on after getting the news about Larry’s disappearance, that she created this idea inside herself that there could still be a chance for Larry to come home. This is a connection between a mother and child that keeps her believing, connections that even a death cannot break. That is a mother’s unconditional love.

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