All Men Are Created Equal Essay

All Men Are Created Equal Essay

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In America, are all men created equal? Everyone has their differences but that doesn’t mean they aren’t equal. No one is better than someone else. If you have money that doesn’t make you better, it just means you have an easier life sometimes. All men are equal in more ways than others but no on should be discriminated against because of their differences.
People who think that in America all men are not created equal need a change of mind. Just because people may not have as much money as you, that doesn’t mean you are better than them. Equality should be defined by personality, not possessions. People are too worried about what they have and not worried about how they act. It’s sad when people are ungrateful and don’t realize how fortunate they are to have shelter, food, water, and clothes on your back. Those are the things you need to live a good life. However, people still complain about not having the popular or expensive clothes and items when there are people living in a box on the street. That’s the problem in America today. People are more worried about what they want ins...

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