All Men Are Created Equal By Anne Moody Essay

All Men Are Created Equal By Anne Moody Essay

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The forties and fifties in the United States was a period dominated by racial segregation and racism. The declaration of independence clearly stated, “All men are created equal,” which should be the fundamental belief of every citizen. America is the land of equal opportunity for every citizen to succeed and prosper through determination, hard-work and initiative. However, black citizens soon found lack of truth in these statements. The Montgomery Bus Boycott and the murder of Emmett Till in 1955 rapidly captured national headlines of civil rights movement. In the book, Coming of Age in Mississippi, the author, Anne Moody describes her experiences, her thoughts, and the movements that formed her life. The events she went through prepared her to fight for the civil right.
All the tragic events of racism and racial segregation that Anne was subjected to, what she encountered, and what she witnessed in childhood, prepared her to fight for the civil right while she was in College. She was born as Essie May, grew up in Centreville in Wilkerson County, in the racial segregated state of Mississippi. This small county was extremely poor and racist. Her mother worked for many white families as a maid. She sometimes brought home the left-over food from the white tables. Anne realized that this food was better than what they usually eat. “That was when I discovered that white folks ate different from us.” As a young child, Anne did not fully realized the difference of people based on their skin color. She considered everyone equal until a movie incident when she realized that she was considered inferior because of her skin color. She was asked to sit at the balcony with other black people while the white children used the regular seats. Sh...

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... the Civil Right Movements.
Anne Moody would not be satisfied with the social, but would be with the economic and political climate in 2016 America. Although racial segregation and racism was aborted in 1965 with the Civil Right Acts, it still continues today. Many African-Americans are brutalized while others are killed by police officers just because of their skin color. Although the African-American race represents only six percent of the United States Population, over forty percent of unarmed people killed in 2015 were blacks. In March 2015 in McKinney, Texas, some teenagers had a fight at a pool party. The police office pursued and tortured a young female African-American and let go the white kids. In economy, the employment rate of African-American has increased and politically, there is freedom of speech and equal rights among all races in the United States.

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