Essay about All Living Organisms Depends On Water And Its Quality

Essay about All Living Organisms Depends On Water And Its Quality

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All living organism depends on water and its quality. Human activities and the ways we use our river and streams and the land around affect the quality of the water we drink, cook with, and use for recreational opportunities (Erwin, Hamilton, 2002). It also affect the health and diversity of aquatic plants and animals and the beauty of our rivers and streams (Erwin, Hamilton, 2002). Many rivers and streams are significantly polluted all around the world (Lenntech, 2016). Industries and cities, agricultural and domestic activities are three major sources of pollution that are usually concentrated along the rivers(Lenntech, 2016). According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the main sources of water pollution are industrial waste with harmful chemical and toxic substances that is openly thrown in rivers water, sewage and wastewater from homes, agricultural runoff with fertilizers and pesticides, eutrophication which is the massive growth of algae, and dumping of litter like plastic, rubber, paper and trash in water bodies. As a result, aquatic life and surrounding environments such as trees and shore animals will suffer and be harmed. Water quality testing and monitoring is important for our environment. Water quality parameters such as pH, turbidity, conductivity and phosphate levels are important measures that can affect the quality of water in our environment. The pH measure how acidic or basic the river water is on a scale of 0-14 (Behar, 1997). According to the Environmental Protection Agency website, the normal level of pH for river water is around 7.4. A high pH can make a river inhospitable to life and a low pH will be harmful to small fish and insects (Lenntech, 2016). Turbidity measures the water’s clarity. High tur...

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... River is more cloudy than the Inner Harbor. Because of this, I reject our hypothesis that the Inner harbor of Baltimore water samples will be more polluted that the Middle Patuxent River water samples.

During our experiment, many errors could have occurred. We collect the water samples from both sites during the weekend and we had to wait until Wednesday to test them in lab. Since we didn’t test the water samples right away, it could have affected our results. Another error could be that the bottles we used to collect water samples might have not be clean enough. Also, our water samples had residue in them that could have affected the testing results. For future experiment, I would suggest testing the water sample right away to get accurate results. A new experiment could test for organisms that might affect the water quality with their presence or fecal waste.

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