All Children Matter : No Child Can Be Given A Better Opportunity Than The Other

All Children Matter : No Child Can Be Given A Better Opportunity Than The Other

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All Children Matter
No child can be given a better opportunity than the other, each and everyone of them deserves the same amount of opportunity. Low income students along with their parents have been stereotyped and have been expected to make less progress in school than middle or upper class students. All students need an equal amount of attention, motivation, and comfort in a classroom to be successful academically. However, often low income students may be denied the attention they may to be successful.
A child 's comfort level with a teacher can mean more than realized as demonstrated by Johnson, “....effective educators know building relationships is a critical step before introducing content” (Johnson). Before a teacher can achieve the goal of building a relationship, the teacher should know small details about their students individually. As said by Johnson, “Building relationships is often considered a soft principal and is overlooked when devising strategies to educate children who live in poverty” (Johnson). “An educator knowing at least the student 's name could make a difference on how the students reacts to the classroom environment. Also, “respect should be a mutual matter. It must be given equally from a both student and teacher. This is one of the most important aspects of gaining the attention and interest of students” (Johnson). Many times a student 's lack of respect for the teacher can affect how much positive attention is brought to them. They can also be targeted by administrators. Having a mutual respect allows an instant bond to form, letting the students know the educator does not look downward upon them” (Johnson). While also allowing them to feel they are being treated fairly and given the same tre...

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... not aware that there are different rules for various places. Therefor, “educators need to imply their rules before there is any miscommunication on what is appropriate during learning hours” (Johnson). Rules help not only make a better learning environment but also a safe environment. Rules make sure there are contained in an appropriate environment to where no one should feel uncomfortable, but safe with one another and be free to express themselves through the day.
A student is in the hands of many different educators from the moment they step into the classroom until the last bell rings. An educator can only do so much in that amount of time to help their student feel welcomed and comfortable. Yet, that amount of time has the biggest impact on a student and their future. Belief can make any dreams come true. Now all they need is a pencil and someone to guide it.

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