All Career Fields Have Personal Responsibilities Essay

All Career Fields Have Personal Responsibilities Essay

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All career fields have personal responsibilities including cosmetology. Being a beautician requires peoples trust because the client must have confidence that their hair, makeup, and nails will accentuate their finest features. Cosmetologists have been providing people with the luxury of not having to fix themselves up for decades, which is why the beauticians have an obligation in this age to make people appear more and more beautiful because of the modern techniques and technology used such as new brushes and sponges that allow foundation to look as if the skin is as smooth as silk. Becoming a beautician requires having personal responsibilities such as causing someone to feel beautiful on a special occasion by livening up their face, improving social skills to build positive relationships with clients and coworkers, and teaching people that beauty is not from the makeover, but the confidence brought out by the makeup and styling that shows who they truly are.
The effect of making someone’s face light up with makeup causing them to feel gorgeous is a gratifying experience and duty that all cosmetologists possess. All women wish to look their best on their wedding day, prom, or their ten year anniversary, so it is a makeup artist’s job to fulfil this desire. The art of emphasizing one’s most attractive features by highlighting the inner corner of the eye to brighten the eyes, contouring the cheeks to make the cheekbones appear higher and painting on bold lipstick to form perfect, plump lips make the face appear flawless. Some people do not wear makeup everyday, so when they do, their face can appear brightened and awake, therefore they believe they look wonderful. Although many people are confident in their appearance and do ...

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...w to contour the nose by using bronzer on the sides causing the illusion of a slimmer nose. Because of makeup, people with these types of insecurities become confident in their appearance as everyone should. After seeing themselves with makeup and feeling brilliant in their own skin, they will eventually accept themselves for who they are with or without makeup.
The effect of making someone feel glowing by covering their face with makeup, bettering social skills to strengthen relationships with coworkers and clients to have a better business, and understanding the difference between outside beauty and the beauty brought out by confidence are responsibilities all cosmetologist obtain. These aspects of being a beautician are extremely rewarding when they prevail. In the cosmetology career, personal responsibilities are extraordinarily influential in every way.

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