All American Star Football Player Essay

All American Star Football Player Essay

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One is not to think that the world revolves around one; there is more to life than being a small town’s All-American star football player. Being humble is a trait that Neely Crenshaw does not have. Neely is a boy that never came to be a man, he may have fled Messina but he is not able to flee the pedestal the town placed him. On the other hand, Paul Curry let go of his high school football glory days, he moved on, got married and had children and he became the All-American father. By juxtaposing Neely and Paul, Grisham clearly shows the necessity of moving on and the consequences when one is unable to do so.
Paul Curry lived in the shadow of the Great Neely Crenshaw, back in their glory days. Neely being the All-American quarterback was offered a scholarship to go play football in college, until he took a cheap shot to the knee and his career was over. One can only hold one so high before they reach for the stars or falls, Neely fell; whereas, Paul got a hold of the stars. The whole town of Messina thought that Neely Crenshaw would go places; he was supposed to win games for ...

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