Essay on All Alone Is Not Always A Bad Thing

Essay on All Alone Is Not Always A Bad Thing

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All Alone
Being alone is not always a bad thing, it gives you time to learn about yourself. Whether you feel most alone lying in a bed in a dark room or walking through a forest, being in that state allows for almost completely unhindered reflection upon one’s self. This form of self-reflection has resulted in several life changing thoughts and feelings throughout most of my teenage life.
I have lain in bed spending prolonged periods of time in this state, questioning a multitude of things. My own existence, the reason why I am consistently depressed, the reason why I procrastinate on essays, all of these are things I have thought of in this state of loneliness. These issues alone might not affect the average person, but it has changed my life and resulted in severe changes in my personality.
One day in particular stands out as life-changing. I had been going through rough times, and had been sitting in a spot which was in all actuality, not that far away from others, but it still gave me this sense of loneliness. I sat there alone for no more than an hour, and in that small period of time, the sheer amount of jealousy and hatred contained within me overwhelmed me, and what had once been an incredibly insecure and jealous individual, became incredibly hateful on top of all of that.
Not all instances of this result in such changes, but the fact that even a few can attests to the impact such moments can have on an individual, or at least on myself. Moments drenched in emotion are the most memorable, while ones that are moments of habit are easily forgotten entirely. Even as I sit alone writing this essay, I am experiencing this sensation of loneliness, allowing me to interact with myself in a manner which allows for personal gr...

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...oating at the deepest part, below rock bottom, wallowing in anger and sadness, occasionally pushing back up only to fall down again. This only manages to feed the cycle, continuing it indefinitely, until I am pulled to the top once again by someone, and can take a breath deep enough that I can stay afloat once again.
Feeling alone is different than being alone; one can be surrounded by people, and feel alone. My lesson after all this time, is that if one feels lonely, and it is affecting them in a truly negative way, that person must reach upwards, and realize that despite the fact that they can drag themselves to the surface, a helping hand makes the task that much easier. Being alone helps a person relax, feeling alone allows a person to self-reflect, and being and feeling alone will hopefully teach the individual to reach out to others for help from time to time.

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