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All about Network Security Essay

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Network security is as important as securing your own home. There are networks all around us and large or small businesses all rely on their computer network to keep running smooth. Network security is not as easy an issue as it sounds. There are many technicalities involved especially when your network is the backbone of your business. Increment in the number of networks brings with it new and lethal security threats. All the important information circulates through your network thus the network security is of paramount importance.
Network Security in general
Network security means any measure taken to ensure that the network is secure and it is not vulnerable to different types of cyber attacks. Efficacious network security includes measures taken to help protect your network from various security threats that can spy on your network or worst, can take over the whole network. It is important to understand all the major threats that are possibly out there that can infest your network and the protective measures that can be taken against them.
Common Network Security threats
Networks can be vulnerable to numerous attacks that can inflict damage in one way or the other. The common threats include:
• Complete Unauthorized access
• Data theft
• Spywares and viruses
• Denial-of-service attack
• Spoofing
• Spamming
These types of attack can potentially infer large amounts of damage and losses if not taken into consideration. Here is some explanation of each above-mentioned attack.
Complete Unauthorized Access
As the name suggests, attackers can gain complete access to a system and can easily control and modify any information to their will. This can be very lethal, as the attack would have all the privileges for that system.

Data The...

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...lp protect the network from newer forms of viruses and spywares.
Restricting physical access to the server
Server is the backbone of a network and controls the whole network. It is indispensable to restrict physical access to the server. Biometrics systems that involves finger print and eye scans can be used to ensure only the authorized personnel gains physical access to the server.
Strong Firewalls
Firewalls monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic in network. It is essential to have sophisticated firewalls installed to protect the network from intrusions.
The importance of Network Security for any organization
It is quite clear that only a network that is secure will help any business and organization to flourish and will avoid to avoid the confidential information being leaked out and the losses that some network users face due to inadequate network security.

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