All A Board Pediatric Hospital Risk Management Plan Essay

All A Board Pediatric Hospital Risk Management Plan Essay

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Purpose of the RM plan

The Risk Management Plan is designed to support the mission and vision of All Aboard Pediatric Hospital as it pertains to clinical risk and patient safety as well as visitor, third party, volunteer, and employee safety and potential business, operational, and property risks. When analyzing the risk management plan the top safety measures must be implemented into the program. The core factors work in sync, patient, all employees, property equipment and the final status of the entity. Evaluating all of these elements individually and together is important. “Having such a perspective helps to ensure every function with in the facility aligns its own activities with that of All Aboard Pediatric Hospital health delivery goals” (Broyles, 2009)
Goals of the plan
This risk management plan will help showcase the risk associated with All Aboard Pediatric Hospital. The plan will assist in analyzing, and managing the practice. It will ensure how the risk management issues will be performed, recorded, and monitored. The risk manager will need to provide templates showing the order in which the issues have been prioritized. This process can be completed by collecting and combining data about problems so that the patterns can be identified and action taken.
All Aboard Pediatric Hospital Patient Safety and Risk Management plan borders with other operational department in the organization.
Potentially compensable event (PCE): An unusual occurrence or serious injury for which there is neither an active claim nor institution of formal legal action but that, in the organization’s judgment, is reportable to the party (or parties) providing the medical malpractice insurance
Risk Management Information Sy...

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...on. Communication and consistency involving both the patient and employee will need to be maintained throughout the process. The risk management plan is a process and will need constant monitoring through internal and external audits and informal and formal reporting. But if all employees are dedicated and have brought into the process this will help with the implementation and execution of the risk management plan and process.

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