Essay on `` Alive `` By Ha Jin And Who 's Irish?

Essay on `` Alive `` By Ha Jin And Who 's Irish?

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Everybody has his own life, and everybody has his own personality. No one can change someone’s life style, unless himself wants to. In the “Alive” by Ha Jin and “who’s irish?” by Gish Jen, there’s someone has the same personality, but someone has the other difference. It may due to the countries education method, different period, or something else difference, but they are building up the different person, different personality. It’s no matter in real life or in the stories.
In “Alive”, Tong Guhan is a stable person. He wants everybody’s life get better and better. He will think about a lot of possible future from the options that he can choice right now. He is trying to do everything as better as he can, but he just uses his own ability to get the life that he wants. He loves his family. He’s taking good care of his family, even he lost his memory, even he doesn’t know he love his new family or not yet. There’s a responsibility for himself. In the story, once he gets back his mind, he didn’t just drop off his new family, even he wants to get back his own family as soon as possible. He still remembers what he should do. He left three ten-yuan notes and his bicycle key on the table. He does want his new family lost everything in one night, and just because he got back his memory. In that period, in that area, bicycle is an important transportation, and it should be expensive or hard to get one. Because after strong earthquake, everything will be hard up. but he left them, he knows there are important for them, no matter he love them or not. In the other hand, “he didn’t love Shan very much, but he had grown quite attached to Mo”, but he knew Mo “become Shan’s flesh and blood now”. Finally, he let Mo stay with Shan, so Shan won’t ...

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...oesn’t care the future. He has income from his wife. He has a baby sitter for his daughter. His mother has a jot before she got sick. He has never care about anything in his life. “beautiful wife, beautiful daughter, beautiful house, oven can clean itself automatically. No money left over” is all what he has. Compare Tong Guhan in “Alive”, the host in “who’s Irish?”, and John, the first two are more care about the future, they always think about what will be happening, but john doesn’t. They want everybody to get a better life, but john doesn’t, even though himself.
Everybody is similar as each other, but everybody is different. Everybody has his own mind, everybody has his own personality, and everybody has his own choice. Nobody can control each other, unless himself wants to, or environmental impact. Personality, mind, life, or others only can be choice by self.

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