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In Alison Jaggar’s Feminist Politics and Human Nature she discusses, among many topics, human nature and how it relates to capitalism and socialist feminism. Though Jaggar proposes a strong and valid argument for her position on why work is awful under capitalism and how using an error theory worker’s are not inherently lazy, I will be critiquing Jaggar’s error theory, and as a result, her views (as well as some of Marx’s views) on capitalism in a broad sense. I believe that Alison Jaggar does not have a sound argument in her error theory against Thomas Malthus, strictly due to her interpretation on why capitalism is awful due to Jaggar’s interpretation intrinsic value under capitalism.
An Overview of Jaggar’s View of Capitalism and How it Isolates Workers, Human Nature, and Response to Thomas Malthus
(quote summarized areas with actual quotes from text readings)
Jaggar supported Karl Marx in the sense that they both believed that the capitalist alienates the worker under capitalism and even exploits the worker. According to Marx, the worker should create a product freely in order to develop his or her capacities. But under capitalism, the worker who creates a product does not have control over how the product is made, over what product is made, or what is to be done with the with the product once it is finished. Marx argues that the strong connection that should exist between the worker and product is fragmented; therefore workers are alienated under capitalism. He also argues that workers are often enemies because they are competing for jobs that are offered by the capitalist (Lecture, 10/7).
Jaggar then goes onto describe human nature. To summarize, it is with in human nature to work purposefully transform our world to me...

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... could respond to Thomas Malthus in a more effective manner. Though the error theory is unsound, I am one to still accept her vision of an economic democracy, although capitalism is still a great alternative. Her arguments against mandatory motherhood, compulsory heterosexuality, and the structure of work would still remain valid and sound as well.
Ultimately, Jaggar’s error theory is unsound due to the fact of a fundamental misinterpretation of capitalism in which Jaggar believes that work is generally awful under the economic system, when in actuality it is not so awful. Work is not so awful under capitalism due to the nature of capitalism that promotes competition to encourage entrepreneurship, which benefits society as a whole in comparison to socialist feminism. Although Jaggar’s error theory is unsound, the rest of her theory remains unaffected.

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