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Alienation Theory Proven Wrong Essay

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According to Karl Marx’s theory of Alienation, alienation is defined “the separation of things that naturally belong together, or to put antagonism between things that are properly in harmony.” Alienation could also be defined as estrangement of one from his or her society. Alienation occurs as a result of people feeling different or abnormal from other members of their class, group, organization, or society. The different kinds of alienation are: self-imposed alienation, alienation imposed by society, racial, social, political, economic, forced alienation, alienation due to physical traits, alienation within a family, isolation, paranoid alienation. People become alienated whenever they leave their homes or environment and move to a very different location because they have to adapt to change which maybe slow depending on how they are able to interact with their new environment. They most common people that are alienated are the Internationals or foreigners. Most of them experience culture shocks and find it had to adapt to the people and they place they find themselves. In colleges, International students experience more alienation than the American students. Studies has shown that due to difficulty in adjusting to campus life. Generally, people believe that one can hardly be alienated in their own environment, that is why my argument is usually regarded as false.
The kinds of alienation that will be discussed is immigration and racial alienation as they are the involved in the literary text below: learning...

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