Alice Green Is A White, Middle Class Woman Who Lives Essay

Alice Green Is A White, Middle Class Woman Who Lives Essay

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Alice Green is a white, middle class woman who lives in a large house, works as a school teacher, and has a loving husband, Michael, who is constantly showering Alice with physical and emotional attention, love, and support. Alice also has 2 young daughters. She grew up with an overly critical mother, who continues to chastise Alice about the cleanliness of her home and her weight, which she asks about when she arrives to take care of Alice’s kids for the weekend. Her father was also an alcoholic while Alice was growing up. Some of her stressors include taking care of her two vibrant children and their large house, while her husband is away much of the time, for his job as an airplane pilot. She relies on the unconditional care and problem solving provided by her husband. Therefore, he is the patriarch of the family because Alice knows that she can belligerently drink because Michael will be there to take care of her and solve any of the problems created while drunk, leaving Alice seemingly inexperienced and incompetent to solve her own problems. Alice may be living with alcohol use disorder, which later leads to the detrimental disruption of her marriage, her relationship with her kids, and her entire life.
The DSM 5 criteria for alcohol use disorder is that it must be consumed in large concentrations. The individual must also be unable to reduce or cease these pattern on their own, and may fail to fulfill other responsibilities, as they become less important, while drinking becomes more important. Other symptoms include long periods of recovery shortly after drinking, long periods trying to get drunk, and using alcohol in situations or environments that could pose risks to the individual or others around them. Also, those with t...

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... “heavy drinking is more common among white women than among African American or Hispanic women” (Goldberg, 1995, pg. 791). The film debunks many stereotypes that surround alcohol dependency, such as the belief that those who abuse alcohol are able to control their drinking. It is problematic to rely on a fictional film for education about alcoholism, nevertheless, it accurately displays abusive drinking patterns, and its effects on the dependent specifically, as well as others. Ultimately, this film ceases negative stereotypes and stigmas about alcoholism, because its alcohol dependent character defies stereotypes about who struggles with alcohol addiction. Also, all throughout the film, Alice received more support than criticism while overcoming this disease, as dependents, are not consciously able to control their urges and behaviors without appropriate treatment.

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