Alice, By Alice Is Illustrated As A Curious Young Girl With A Big Imagination

Alice, By Alice Is Illustrated As A Curious Young Girl With A Big Imagination

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Alice is illustrated as a curious young girl with a big imagination. She is a daydreamer, and cannot pay attention for long. One day, while daydreaming, Alice spots a white rabbit that is wearing a coat and carrying a pocket-watch. This intrigues Alice and she decides to follow past the brook and into a rabbit hole (Carroll 9). She falls, and falls, and falls, until she is in a room filled with doors.
There in front of her is a bottle; it reads quite simply “DRINK ME” (Carroll 14). At first, she was weary about the bottle. It could be poison, but she was not for certain. She did not hurry to drink from the bottle, and studied it for a while. She questioned the consequences, but it seemed that none were too frightening to stop her from drinking from the bottle (Carroll 14).
After a while of walking, Alice spotted a little glass box. The little box was under a table, probably hiding from possible finders. It did not stop Alice from following the instructions: EAT ME. The markings were as beautiful, if not more, as the bottle of sweet juice she had consumed before. Alice decided to eat the cake, hoping it would grow her to normal height. She had forgotten the key to the door on the table. She was too small to reach it now, and was very upset that she had shrunk so small. She took a bite, and did not grow. Of course, regular cake does not make a girl grow.
Alice decided to eat the rest of the cake, and soon ate the very last bite. She shouted aloud “Curiouser and couriouser!” It seems she had forgotten how to speak properly. She appeared to have finally grown, but was now a giant. “Goodbye feet”, Alice said, “(for when she looked down at her feet, they seemed to be almost out of sight, they were getting far off)”. (Carroll 16 –...

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...he was fond of his riddles and nonsense. The Mad Hatter showed to be an inspiration to Alice, and showed her she can still have fun and be a lady.
As Alice falls down the rabbit hole she is faced with choices – the first of which has made on her own. She makes wrong decisions, but she learns from each one. She follows a rabbit to a wonderful, and quite mad, tea party where she met the Mad Hatter. He is rude, but helpful. She finally has confidence thanks to his advice. Going through Wonderland on her own, she meets another friend, The Cheshire Cat. He is confusing but never fails Alice. She is thankful for her new friends. She has gained confidence and is a whole new Alice.
Alice becomes her own individual and is quite confident with being Alice. She accepts the strangeness of Wonderland, and embraces being mad. However, maybe, just maybe, we really are all mad here.

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