Alfred Schutz Theory Of Phenomenology Essay examples

Alfred Schutz Theory Of Phenomenology Essay examples

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I will be introducing Alfred Schutz theory of phenomenology, while Weber is analyzing “the understanding of the other self“ Schutz’s theory consist of the concept of “understanding another person“ (Schutz, 1). With this notion he is referring to how to understand another person’s perspective when signs are being used and when actions are taking place. Schutz refers to the use of signs as a performance of having a verbal communication with someone and identifies actions as body movements. Schutz theory further explains that when observing an individual perform an action the observer doesn’t necessarily know what it is that that person is thinking unless they interact with each other however that will require using signs. When observer doesn’t use signs the best way to go about the situation is to place yourself in the persons shoes because it could be that you have experienced something similar. Furthermore, Schutz explains that there is a different form of interpreting what a person has said and he breaks this down by objective and subjective. Objective refers to what the meaning of the signs actually means indicating the actual meaning of the world. Subjective refers to a person’s own opinion meaning this is stating someones own experience.
An example from lecture would be when the professor had two people say a few phrases in front of the class. These two people where just having a regular conversation and they knew what it was that they were talking about making their conversation objective. However for anyone other person who over hears their conversation there might be room for subjectivity meaning that since you don’t know what it is that they are talking about there’s a possibility that they might give the conversation thei...

... middle of paper ...

...sed to hearing these slang phrased will automatically think subjectively meaning that you don’t really know what the person is thinking unless you ask its all upon how they interpret the phrase.
I may be wrong about my example because since these phrases already have a defined slang meaning most of the younger population would not be able to place themselves in the other persons shoes to know if they are thinking of the slang definition given to them or if they are thinking of what the phrase actually means. Although you may not be able to place yourself in this persons shoes and relate on a personal level I defend my argument by stating that theses words and phrases are real words with actual meanings and that any person who is the familiar with the slang meaning could misinterpret a conversation if they don’t understand what the person is objectively trying to say.

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