Alfred Adler 's Work And Theory Of Individual Psychology Essay

Alfred Adler 's Work And Theory Of Individual Psychology Essay

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I’m going to start with Alfred Adler. Adler lived from 1870 to 1937. He was a psychotherapist and a medical doctor. Adler graduated from the university of Vienna in 1895.
Once he graduated from college he began his career as an ophthalmologist. After a few years he decided to switch from an ophthalmologist to general practice.
Later on in his life Adler and 9 other people establish The Society for Individual Psychology. Which was one of his accomplishments in his life. But that wasn’t the end of Adler success in 1923 he created, The Practice and Theory of Individual Psychology. He was the psychologist who believed that the induvial had control over their own lives. While studying his people personalities he came up with the term inferiority complex.
My next Psychologist is B.F. Skinner. Skinner was born in 1904 in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania. His first love was writing so he tried to become a professional writer in 1926, but he didn’t have much success. So after not having much success in writing Skinner went to Harvard University and took up psychology.
While at Harvard Skinner developed what he called an operant conditioning which is known as the Skinner box. So from my understanding Skinner used a real box to test rats and pigeons in to see how they reacted in that type of environment. From this study he published his results from the experiment, he named it The Behavior of Organisms. People compared his work to some of the big psychologist at the time.
Later in life Skinner developed a teaching machine which he used to study the learning habits of kids. Once he finished with his study he later wrote a book about the experiment named (The Technology of Teaching). One of Skinners most important discoveries, the use of reinfo...

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..., he moved around eventually ending up in the US. He taught a number of schools in the US from Yale to Columbia. This is where his criticism of Sigmund began. Other Psychoanalysts didn’t like the fact that he was challenging Sigmund theories. It got to the point to where they told him he couldn’t supervise kids anymore. This didn’t stop him or his legacy as today he stands as one of the most important psychoanalysts of the 20th century. He was also a major contributor to humanistic psychology. He believed that the human life contradicted itself because people are both part and separate from nature.
These are all great psychoanalysts in their own separate ways each one of them contributed different things to the field. Some of them work together and some of them challenged others theories. But each of them still have an effect today in their respected career field.

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