Alfred Adler 's Theory On Therapeutic / Client Relationship Essay

Alfred Adler 's Theory On Therapeutic / Client Relationship Essay

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Alfred Adler died on May 28, 1937, in Aberdeen Scotland leaving his mark on the psychology world. Through Alfred Adler’s theory, views on therapeutic/client relationship, and main interventions, Adlerian theory or Individual Psychology illustrates how innovative and beneficial this theory is. Also, this theoretical modality best fits my persona because through his theories I learned a lot about myself, my career, and the people around me.
Alfred Adler was born in 1870, in Vienna. He was sickly and at the age of 4 almost died of pneumonia. Due to his sickness, his doctor lost hope and his mother coddled him. Also, Adler’s teacher told his father that he would only be a shoemaker. Though Adler’s early childhood was not enjoyable, he shaped his own life by the circumstances that he endured to become the father of Individual Psychology. Adler studied medicine at the University of Vienna and became an ophthalmologist, but eventually went into general medicine with a focus in neurology and psychiatry. He worked with Sigmund Freud for 8-10 years but felt that Freud’s concepts were too deterministic, while Adler looked at life from a goal-oriented view of human nature. Angioli and Kruger (2015) state “In Adler 's hands psychotherapy was experiment, friendliness, compassion, and understanding of the socially constructed nature of consciousness.” Therapy for Adler was an all-encompassing process that required his total awareness and participation. Adler’s past gave him the foundation in which he used to develop his theory, teach it, and apply it.
Adlerian theory focuses on human nature and attempts to look at the whole person in the context of their life. Tobin and McCurdy (2006) state “Individual Psychology emphasizes a collaboration an...

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... the opportunity to get their worldview while exhibiting empathy. Since I will be working with diverse groups, I will use Adlerian therapy to find the root of the discouragement that inhibits their growth and help give hope in a collaborative environment.
Alfred Adler had a vision and was self-determined to achieve it. He did not allow his past to determine his future and that drive is exhibited in his theory. Through the counselor and client relationship, the client is able to gain insight and be encourage and learn new techniques in order to actualize their self-realized goals. Also, the theoretical modality represents me because I identified with it and I will incorporate this theory into my treatment because clients need to know that their counselors do not see them as sick and believe in them. Adler died in 1937, but he left his mark in the psychological world.

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