Alfred Adler 's Theory Of Individual Psychology Essay

Alfred Adler 's Theory Of Individual Psychology Essay

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Adlerian Therapy
The purpose of this essay is to elucidate the specific concern and need for social interest as expressed in Alfred Adler’s theory of individual psychology. Additionally, I will examine how through Adlerian theory practices, clients, such as Gina, Steve, and Leonel, are abetted through the inquiry of her lifestyle, early childhood, interactions, and influences.
Core Constructs of Adlerian Theory
Alfred Adler, a world notorious philosopher and psychiatrist, emphasized the need to comprehend individuals within their social context. Moreover, lifestyle is made of four vital elements: having a subjective worldview, goals, behavioral strategies, and consequences of behaviors (Seligman & Reichenberg, p.68). Furthermore, Adler believed that we all have one basic want and goal: to feel a sense of belonging and significance (“Alfred Adler”).
Dr. Carlson works with Gina to define her lifestyle by asking where Gina’s determination is leading her, in order to figure out what motivates Gina. Gina elaborates on a finding a future partner, the love for her job, and goals she has for her children. Adler believed that striving toward a more socially-minded, stable lifestyle was a sign of welfare (My Lab).
Adler’s Holistic Approach
Adlerʼs theory is a holistic psychology that concentrates on the whole human in connection to the world and presumes that people who seek therapy are discouraged rather than sick (Carlson, 2009). The individual is not internally divided nonetheless each aspect of the personality points in the same direction (“Alfred Adler”). During the consultation, Dr. Carlson uses an Adlerian approach by exploring Gina’s private logic or way of seeing the world. Dr. Carlson asks Gina to use words to describe hersel...

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... to allow him to consider what is agreeable.
What I find the most interesting about Alfred Adler’s holistic theory concepts is that it’s depicted by the sense of feeling motivated otherwise if we lack motivation it will lead to unhealthy behavior. In the case of Leonel’s vignette, his motivation level is low, hence, negatively affecting his job productivity. Leonel considers himself to be acculturated since he has been in the United States for more than 20 years, however, the competitive nature of the investment company where he works is creating stress. Contrastingly, Leonel grew up in a culture that values loyalty and family, however, his job doesn’t embrace these values making Leonel feel unconnected. Therefore, as future counselors, it is crucial to understand background information about our clients and to be empathetic to diverse cultural groups.

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