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Even if some tend to assume that Alexander truly was great, one cannot fully argue with the fact that Alexander had a huge ego, and he could barely maintain it himself. He was only twenty years old when he launched his invasion of the Persian Empire, and he could have had such a bright future that allowed him to deserve the title of great. Yet even Alexander’s army turned back after eight years of marching due to the fact that his ego could not wrap around the idea that all of these battles remained useless. Conquering so much land for personal pleasures just demonstrates how power hungry Alexander truly was. The city name Alexandria appears eleven times on the map of his empire. He was so conceited that he wanted people to know how much land he was capable of conquering. In his march down the Mediterranean, he decided not to kill anyone who took sanctuary in the temple due to the fact that he feared trial from the gods, and such trial could fault his expansive ego. The legends about Alexander represent the fact that if he was so great, why would he lead his men to such deathly conditions in the desert? His ego led him to believe that everyone adored the idea of him, yet when he left to return to Greece, some of his men stayed in India and married locals, but if they adored him to the immense extremity he believed they did, why would they not leave with him? Also, his soldiers never truly belonged there in the first place, but the soldiers chose to leave his control for merely local women they had just met. Alexander must have realized in that moment how their loyalty had faded, and how his ego may just be too full of self-adoration.
Alexander succeeded his father, Philip II of Macedon, to the throne in 336 BC after Philip was as...

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...s into the ranks of his army (Hedayati). This was a strategy to ensure peace within the kingdom and consolidate his power. His impact on Persia was shown when they started striking series of coins from 275 B.C. Also, Greek law, culture and language spread in the region.
In Egypt, there was increased trading activity between the Egyptians and Phoenicians. Alexander influence in the system of administration was evident, where he restructured the system of administration in a well-organized manner and retained the ancient system of local government as explained by the Eternal Egypt website (n.d) He absorbed some Egyptians into the military ranks and appointed some Greeks into the Egypt government. This interaction was a major turning point in the Egyptian culture, especially when he established a province called Alexandria which was dominated by Greeks and Macedonians.

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