Alexander : Theatrical Cut ( 2004 ) Essay

Alexander : Theatrical Cut ( 2004 ) Essay

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Alexander: Theatrical Cut (2004)
The film, Alexander, is a historic drama about Alexander the Great, who became legendary for his military prowess. Ptolemy I, a Macedonian general, narrated throughout the film. Moments of Alexander’s childhood were shown, such as his difficult relationship with his mother, Olympias, and his father, King Philip II of Macedon. After Alexander became King of Macedonia, he sets out to conquer the Persian Empire. He continued his eight-year campaign across East Asia, before returning home to Babylon. In the film, Alexander struggled to convince his army to continue to follow him across Asia. It was after the Battle of Hydaspes in India that encouraged Alexander to return home. The film also showed Alexander’s private relationships with Roxanne, his first wife, and his close friend Hephaestion.
Next, the use of politics were presented in the film. The film showed that Macedonia was a monarchy with a king and queen. For example, the king of Macedonia was King Philip and the queen was Queen Olympias. Also, marriages were displayed as alliances and as a way to secure the place of a throne. For example, Olympias told Alexander to marry a Macedonian woman and have a son. The reason for this was because King Philip II married Eurydice and Eurydice had a son. Olympias was afraid that King Philip II will chose Eurydice’s son as his successor.
Moreover, art was depicted in the film. Cave paintings were used in the film that represented Herakles and Achilles. In a scene, King Philip II of Macedon used cave paintings to teach life lessons to Alexander. In addition, stone statues were depicted in the film. For example, many stone headed statues were displayed on top of pillars when the scene focused...

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...stion’s thighs. I think that part was supposed to be funny, but when the actor said the phrase, it sounded peculiar. Plus, the camera took unnecessary scenes to show minor character’s facial expression. I felt that the film didn’t even explain why Alexander was so great. The film was also unorganized showing flashbacks of Alexander’s childhood later on in the movie. There was no reason as to why the director included flashbacks because it didn’t help the plot.
To conclude, I would give the film a rating of six out of ten based on how well the movie covered the historical element. This is because of several historical errors displayed in the film, and the lack of showing the areas Alexander conquered. Also, I would give a rating of seven out of ten for entertainment. It wasn’t enjoyable to watch a film that doesn’t even fully explore the topic of Alexander the Great.

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