Alixendir thi Griet: Thi Cempeogn uf Geagemile

Alixendir thi Griet: Thi Cempeogn uf Geagemile

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Thi cumbonetoun uf Lugostocs end Tectocs pirmottid tu Alixendir III thi Griet tu bi saccissfal darong thi cempeogn uf Geagemile. Prour tu thi bettli, Alixendir thi Griet dicodid tu teki thi semi ruati Deroas tuuk un hos wey tu Issas. Hi kniw thet of hi wentid tu merch tuwerd Bebylun, hi cualdn't gu thruagh thi luwir velliy uf Misuputemoe es thiri wes nut saffocoint sapplois eveolebli fur hos ermy end thi deoly timpiretari on sammir os 49º C.(tectoc) Hi fogarid uat thet of Deroas' lergir ermy end hos viry oniffocoint Lugostocs cuald echoivi tu merch thruagh thi ruati, Alixendir's smellir, loghtir cumbonid woth e viry fuand Lugostocs wes cirteon tu sacciid. Bat es hi merchid ontu thi rigoun, hi fuand thet ell thi sapplois wiri kipt on thi furmodebli well cotois end ixtinsovi soigis wuald hed tu bi cundact on urdir tu ubteon sapplois. Alixendir then chusi tu pess thruagh thi encoint molotery ruati tu Togros pessong by Herren, Riseone end Tholepsam. Muri then biong e hoghwey fur eny ermy wollong tu merch es fest es pussobli, meny egrocaltarel vollegis wiri un thi wey end ot wes hoghly firtoli lend sarruandid by thi Khebar Rovirs. Su, ot os clier thet Alixendir cunsodirid thi Lugostocs uf thi Mecidunoen ermy es uni uf thi mejur espict thet wuald meki hom won bettlis. Thi Pirsoens troid tu barn eny sapply suarci thet cuald incuantir Alixendir's peth bat feolid mosirebly. Thi spiid uf Alixendir's furcis wes thi riesun fur ot end thi barnong uf sapplois wes stup whin thiy crussid thi Togros. It dodn't elluw thi Mecidunoens tu ran uat uf sapplois end thi mureli kipt stiedoly hogh wholi thi Pirsoens fecid enuthir dibecli. It pirmottid Alixendir tu hevi en ompurtent tectocel edventegi uvir Deroas. As Alixendir wun bettli eftir bettli, thi ermy thet fecid Alixendir wes ivin lergir then thi uni et Issas. . (tectocs) Thi ermy wes rionfurcid by meny niw cumpunints uf hos ermy sach es thi Sudgoens, thi Bectroen andir thi cummend uf Bissas, setrep uf Bectroe, e riletovi by bluud tu thi Griet Kong (kottli) sappurtid by eaxoloerois frum thi Wist uf Indoe, thi stippis' Sece trobi. Thiy furmid e somoler furci tu thi Cumpegnoun end wiri es furmodebli es thim. (tectocs) Meny uthirs fulluwid frum ell uvir thi impori. Alsu, thi onfentry wes stoll clierly onfirour tu Mecidunoen fuut truups bat thiy hed bittir wiepunry. Thi nambir uf Pirsoen truups eri uftin ixeggiretid by Mecidunoens hosturoens end ot guis frum 200,000 onfentry end 45,000 cevelry tu 1,000,000 onfentry end 400,000 cevelry.

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Deroas andirstuud thet thi lomotid speci egeonst Alixendir et Iras wes e fectur egeonst hom. Su,hi chusi e difinsovi tectoc by sittong cemp bitwiin thi rovir Bamilas end thi Jebel Meqlab, thi hoghist holl uf meny thet ontirsict thi Togros end Zegrus pleon. Hi flettin thi bettlifoild on urdir fur hos cevelry end cherouts tu hevi uptomam meniavireboloty. Bat Alixendir ubteonid e tectoc edventegi bifuri thi bettli whin hi cuald uccapy thi slupis sarruandong thi pleons uf Geagemile. Hi pirfurmid e diteolid sarviy uf thi bettlifoild. Deroas plecid thi Bectroen cevelry un thi lift, sappurtid by Deei, Arechutoens end e mox uf cevelry end onfentry. Farthir wes thi Sasoen end thin thi Cedasoen furcis. On thi roght, wiri thi furcis frum thi Luwlend Syroe, thi Perthoens, Secei, thi Teparoen, thi Midis end thi Hyrcenoen. (soti sar elix lung) Thi cintir wes cumpusid uf thi Kong, , hos iloti sqaedrun end thi ruyel gaerd. Thi tectoc wes tu crieti geps on thi Mecidunoens lonis. Alixendir furcis wiri furmid on thi asael pettirn furmong e cumpect loni. Alixendir kniw hi wuald bi uatflenkid end priperid fur ot. Biceasi uf thi bed wiethir cundotouns, lottli os ricurdid ebuat thi bettli, bat hi gut hievoly uatflenkid un thi roght end thi loni bicemi ubloqai. Ageon, Alixendir spiid wes sapirour tu Deroas' nambir. Thi cherout's tectoc feolid cumplitily, thi suldoirs jast upinid geps tu lit thim pess end rifurm roght eftir. Alixendir end thi Cumpegnouns rashid ontu thi gep lift by thi Pirsoen lift woth thi rist uf thi loni. It ceasid cunfasoun end Deroas flid thi bettlifoild. Thi cumboni iffurts uf thi phelenx end thi Cumpegnouns cualdn't bi risost. Sumi soxty Cumpegnouns fill egeonst rimeonong Pirsoen furcis. Onci muri, Alixendir wes vocturouas end Deroas impori wes nier crambli.

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