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Justin Broussard
Sonja Miguez
English IV 4th Hour
April 3, 2016
Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great was born Alexander III of Macedon in a tomb in Macedonian on July 20, 356 B.C (Walbank, 1). He was a blonde with curly hair and dark eyes. His father was King Phillip II and his mother was Queen Olympia, one of King Phillip’s seven wives. Alexander did not have any full siblings, but his father had many other children with his other wives. King Phillip dealt with a lot of military campaigns when Alexander was growing up, so he never really saw his father. This angered him. Through most of his childhood, he was raised by a nurse, Lanike. When Alexander was ten years old, King Phillip bought a horse. Phillip failed at training the horse, but his son wanted to try it out. After he actually tamed horse, his father was happy and knew his son would live a successful life (Alexander the Great Biography,1).
Since Alexander’s father was not there to teach him, he hired a teacher for him, Leonidas, who was related to Olympia. Leonidas taught him math, archery, and horsemanship while he was thirteen. Alexander was a difficult student, and eventually ran off Leonidas. His father was forced to hire a new teacher, Lysimachus (Walbank, 1). In order for Alexander to actually learn, Lysimachus used role playing to keep Alexander interested in his studies. Aristotle was hired in 343 B.C. to tutor Alexander at the Temple of the Nymphs at Meiza. Alexander learned philosophy, poetry, drama, science, and politics with the company of his friends Ptolemy, Hephaisition, and Speusippus all in a matter of three years. He also learned how to play the lyre, ride, fight, and hunt. By 340 B.C. while only sixteen, Alexander completed all of his schooling (Ale...

... middle of paper ... caused by alcoholic liver disease, poison, malaria, or typhoid. It took two years for them to decide what to do with Alexander’s body. They finally decided to put in in a tub of honey. In the fourth century, his body was sent to a tomb in Memphis, Egypt, and then in the third century, they reburied him in Alexandria in a mausoleum (Death of Alexander The Great, 1).

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