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When the conversation of who is the greatest general or emperor of all-time, a lot of names come to mind, but one stands above them all. Alexander III from Macedon stands as one if, not the best conqueror the world has ever seen. Alexander is commonly known as “Alexander the Great” for all the great things he was able to accomplish in his life, and is mostly recognized by this name. Alexander was born to be great, as he would go to inherit a great military built by his father Phillip II. He would inherit the great army and take to levels and lengths the world had never seen before. He conquer everything he laid his eyes on and would build one of the largest empires the ancient world had ever seen. Alexander should great leadership in the battlefield as he was a great general. What separates Alexander from other legendary leaders and conquerors is the legacy he would leave behind after his sudden death at young age. The focus of this paper will be put on his early life, military conquests, and his legacy.
Before Alexander even took his first breath, there was already a lot of pressure for him to succeed and become the next great conqueror. King of Macedonia Phillip II was great a military leader, but according to Hugh Bowden’s “Alexander the Great, A very short introduction” he was known for having multiple wives to build alliances, but was one particular wive was different from the rest, Olympias. They had a child named Alexander who was destined to be the heir to Philip II. Alexander would go on to learn from the best as one of his tutors and teachers was Aristotle, one of the greatest minds the world had ever seen. From an early age he showed great promise as he would do extradionary things to impress his father. According to ...

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...r of Asia. The only thing that worried him was that Darius was still alive. He would try to conquer other territories which he did, but after so many wars and battles, his military said no more. They were tired and therefore needed rest. Alexander would catch a fever which would end his life and finally answer his question on whether he was god or just a mortal.
Alexander left a lasting and impactful legacy on the world. His name is to known around the world and is still regarded as one the best conquerors of all time. He has been an influence to other great leaders such a Julius Ceaser, and Napolean. His legacy is one of the great triumph and conquest. He was given the tools by his father to take over the Persian empire, but his leadership and courage were what led his troops to conquer the Persian empire and Egypt. He truly does deserve the name Alexander the Great

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