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M. Hamilton
Honors Math II
2nd period
Honors Paper on Alex Grothendiek
As stated in the book, “A Strange Wilderness” Alex Grothendieck was born on March 28, 1928 in Berlin, Germany. He was one of the famous mathematicians born in the 20th century. Alex began to love mathematics in 1942, when he attended a secondary school in Chambon, France. When World War II ended, he went to University of Montpellier, wanting to continue his fascination with math and become a mathematics teacher. He received a scholarship after three years in 1948 and moved to Paris, to the University of Nancy and worked on functional analysis. In 1957, he began to work on algebraic geometry and simple algebra. (The Famous People)
The Institute of Advanced Scientific studies in France hired Alex to organize seminars and teach young adults. In 1960, he visited The University of Kansas to start working on geometry and topology. After working at the University of Kansas, he transferred to IHES, and this was known as his Golden Age because during that time, Alex Grothendieck had made it the epicenter of algebraic geometry. Many concepts were named after him, such as Grothendieck topology and the Grothendieck universe. His career was spent twelve years at IHES and during the time, he married a woman named Mireille Dufour and had three children. He wouldn’t allow his children to attend school and get an education because he had a strong belief that people needed to find their own way was more important that going to school. He traveled a lot of Eastern University to give speeches. (The Famous People website)
In the early years of Alex Grothendieck, he experienced quite a few problems. He was born out of wedlock to a Jewish father and a protestant mother. While ...

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