Alert Regenerative Medicine Army (ARMA) Essay

Alert Regenerative Medicine Army (ARMA) Essay

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    Today there are many people on organ wait lists who are unnecessarily losing their lives due to the small pool of donors. "In Western Europe as a whole 40,000 patients await a kidney, but only approximately 10,000 kidneys or so become available each year" (Lott, et al 2007). There are about a 100,000 people on organ transplant waiting lists in the US and about a dozen die each day due to the lack of organs (Caplan 2008). Therefore many lives could be saved by using stem cells to generate organs.
    With the technology that is present today doctor can take organ from one person and be mostly successful in transplanting the organ into another person with the same blood type, tissue type, and HLA protein type. The current technology is very limited in developing new organs by using stem cells (specifically human embryonic stem cells (hESCs)) for humans, though this has been successfully performed on rats and other animals. It is better to inject stem cells that have been activated to turn into a certain organ, than transplanting the organ after it has completely developed. This is because if the cells injected at an early stage, then the cells have a lower chance of being rejected, than if the complete organ was placed. And if the cells were rejected, then the body would just be fighting the organ at a premature stage (that is just a cluster of cell, the body could fight them as if it were fighting a virus), and this would not harm the body as much, as opposed to if it were fighting a complete organ. If the organ is rejected, then the organ must be transplanted again, but if the activated stem cells were rejected then they could just be injected again.
    One of the biggest limitation that is faced by today'...

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