Essay on Aldous Huxley 's Brave New World And The Tempest By William Shakespeare

Essay on Aldous Huxley 's Brave New World And The Tempest By William Shakespeare

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Many pieces of literature involve a theme that includes a powerful figure and a group of people that are subject to that power. Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” and “The Tempest” written by William Shakespeare are no different. These two works have the same theme, but with two different purposes in mind. The techniques compared and contrasted in these two works are character and plot, motifs, and symbols.
Aldous Huxley begins “Brave New World” in the year 632 A.F. which is approximately the twenty-sixth century. Set in the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre the director takes a group of students on a tour throughout the facility. Throughout their tour they encounter hatchery workers such as Bernard Marx and Lenina Crown. Marx is sexually attracted to Crowne but due to his questionable birth, physical deformities and failed education their relationship is not favored by many. After receiving permission to travel to a reservation in New Mexico by the Director, they encounter Linda, from the New World and her son, John, the savage. Bernard puts the clues together and realizes that Linda must be the companion of the Director and returns home with her and the savage. The Director is humiliated by this as a result of his Linda not having the same physical appearance as before and resigns. Mustapha Mond, the controller, must preserve the stability of the community and makes the decision to remove the convicts by exiling Bernard to Iceland and his delinquent Helmholtz to the Falkland Islands. John, who wants to be sent away unfortunately, cannot due to the social experiments that Mond is running on him. John’s wish is to be in solitude, so he takes over a lighthouse where he commits suicide.
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... and control over a society while the key difference is the way in which the power of each are held. In “The Tempest,” Prospero holds all of the power while in “Brave New World” the power is held by the entire World State.
Through their respective plots, motifs, and symbols, “The Tempest” and “Brave New World” have comparable aspects. Despite the differences in some parts of the two works, they work to achieve similar messages. The pieces strive to show the importance of a balance in power by illustrating societies with power concentrated in a small amount of people, leading to overwhelming governments. The purpose is to shed light on the dangers of an overpowering central force, and how it can affect the society it dictates. Even in present day America, these two literary works are beacons, shining a light on groups attempting to grasp hold of power over society.

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