Alcoholism During The United States Essay

Alcoholism During The United States Essay

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Alcoholism in men has become a national crisis in the United States. Approximately 62,000 men died un-necessarily as a result of alcohol abuse in 2014. Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) is the fourth leading cause of preventable deaths with approximately 1.1 million men over the age of 18 currently receiving treatment. Globally, the burden of alcohol abuse reflects 3.3 million deaths from consumption in 2012 alone. (NIH 2016).
This case study of about a 66 year old male named Robert, who presents with long term alcohol abuse. Robert has been married to Colleen for the past 44 years, during which time they had two daughters. Robert is also a grandfather, brother and friend. His oldest daughter Harriet sought intervention advice due to her concerns about her father’s drinking. Alcoholism is a progressive disease, and Robert appears to have increased his drinking significantly since his retirement four years ago.
Men of Robert’s age generally use alcohol as a social catalyst, a means by which to make themselves feel better or to create a sense of camaraderie with others. As is common with alcoholic men, there is usually at least one undiagnosed mental health issue in addition to their addiction (Capuzzi & Stauffer 2008). Prolonged alcohol abuse, often comes a number of physical and medical issues as well. Robert’s friends obviously noticed some of his behaviors and had concerns about his drinking.
Many medical problems can become life threatening with continued drinking. (Capuzzi, & Stauffer 2008). Men over the age of 65, that drink heavily, have a higher risks of developing congestive heart failure, diabetes, alcoholic hepatitis, sclerosis of the liver, muscle loss, memory and cognition difficulties. (NIH 2016). Robert has alrea...

... middle of paper ... concerned manner. Intervention was successful as Robert went into a treatment facility and the family sought the help they desperately needed.

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