Alcoholism : An Unlikely Disease Essay

Alcoholism : An Unlikely Disease Essay

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Alcoholism: An Unlikely Disease
Is alcoholism just a self-inflicted illness or is it truly a disease that takes over the mind and body? The struggle between these two ideas have created a drawn out debate over the effects of alcoholism. There are beliefs that consumption of this substance is a choice and that the addiction can be controlled. Although these assumptions may be held true to some degree of an alcoholic, there are various other factors that are contributed to the disease of alcoholism. Just like any other disease, a poison or some element has entered the body creating an illness within the body. There are many damaging effects of alcoholism, which may lead to other serious illnesses or even death. For this disease to be controlled like other diseases, there are resources that have guided the individual and family members to deal with the pain that will be inflicted upon them. Although there are opposing opinions of alcoholism as a less conflicting disease, the supported information on bodily effects, family knowledge and assistance that’s available has provided evidence that alcoholism is a harmful disease that affects people across the globe.
The case for disease is acknowledged by a serious illness such as cancer or an illness that can not be controlled. However, alcoholism is dissociated with the term disease more often than what is understood. It is believed by some that alcoholism is an option, rather than an ailment that is caused by some internal factor. Although the disease may have began as a drink of choice for some, there may be aspects that take the situation more in depth. According to the American Psychological Association (2012), it is stated that, “problem drinking has multiple causes, with genetic, ...

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... alone on this difficult journey. Even though there are different support groups for all types of illnesses out there, they all have one common goal: to help those who are affected by the disease in some way and to learn how to cope with it in the best way.
A disease contains many parts that make it an entire whole. For example, there will be a person who has contracted some kind of illness that causes pain in either the mind or body. Or treatment may be given because of the terrible pain that has been experienced. Alcoholism will not be similar to other diseases because it is different. No matter how the disease was brought about, through self-injury or genetic problems, it still is remained as a serious illness. There may be small differences in defining a disease, but the significant factors fit into the whole picture to define that alcoholism is truly a disease.

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