Alcoholism : Alcoholism And Drug Dependence Essay

Alcoholism : Alcoholism And Drug Dependence Essay

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Alcoholism, an addiction to the consumption of alcohol and the subsequent mental illness that comes with it, is an ongoing issue that approximately one in every 12 people in the U.S is exposed to. Each year, according to the NCAAD (the National Council on Alcoholism and drug dependence), almost 100,000 people die in the United States from deaths related to alcohol. That includes driving crashes and other accidents such as falls, as well as suicides, homicides, etc. Alcohol related deaths make almost 4 percent of the total number of deaths in America. Moreover, according to the NCAAD, 5.3 million adults were drinking at the time of their offense conviction and nearly 676,000 students are victims of assault by other students who are under the influence of alcohol. The effects of alcoholism do not stop there; there are several economic effects that alcoholism has for a society as a whole. According to the PMC (PubMed Central) the cost of healthcare is twice as much for a family that has an alcoholic member as it is for a family that does not. In addition, up to half of all emergency room admissions are alcohol related. More notably, according to the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the cost of excessive alcohol consumption in 2006 reached 223.5 billion dollars.
Unfortunately, that is not where the issue of alcoholism ends. The effects that alcohol has on each and every single consuming individual are far too disturbing for not only the society as a bigger picture but also for those involved in their personal life, including their family and friends. According to various studies conducted on this issue, in addition to all the physical effects that the over-use of alcohol has on a person, such as their heart, their li...

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...e number of people who died as a result of alcohol poisoning increased, because not only did people not stop spending money on buying alcohol, they spent more money on making non-standard homemade alcohol that caused those deaths. Thus, I believe it’s safe to conclude that by preventing the society, even through legislating laws, from using alcohol not only will we not get the intended results; we will be also closing the doors to other rational means of motivating people to distant themselves from alcohol. Therefore, I think it is imperative to put more resources and take more initiatives into preventing people from going down the wrong path by means such as enforcing current laws with regards to the consumption of alcohol and also by giving the public more knowledge about the detrimental effects of alcohol and ways to avoid its abuse through educational channels.

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