Alcohol Related Incidents Are Responsible For 3200 Deaths Essay

Alcohol Related Incidents Are Responsible For 3200 Deaths Essay

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Alcohol related incidents are responsible for 3200 deaths annually and 81000 people are hospitalised annually due to excessive alcohol consumption (lifeeducation, 2016). The term ‘binge drinking’ is refers to drinking heavily over a short period of time with the intention of becoming intoxicated. Binge drinking is a serious behaviour that can change lives dramatically. Quite often people don’t think about the danger their behaviour is doing to themselves and others and more often than not they don’t believe that their drinking is an issue. The National Drug Strategy Household Survey found that in the year 2007 over 10 percent of Australians Under the age of fourteen drink at levels that increase the risk of alcohol-related incidents and harm in the long-term. The study also found that 26.8 precent drink at levels that increase their risk of alcohol related harm in the short-term at least once a month (druginfo,2009). When a person is drinking alcohol they don’t stop to think about the risks that this amount of alcohol can do to their body 's health for example cirrhosis of the liver. Drinking has harmful effects on the development of the brain, especially in teenagers and young adults. Alcohol gives the drinkers the feeling of invincibility due to the alcohol acting on nerve cells in the brain, this disrupts important chemical messages sent between Nerve cells and other cells of the body. Eventually making individuals have the incapacity to make good judgments (alcoholthinkagain , 2014).

Alcohol has been associated with a range of factors that may cause ill-health including cardiovascular disease, cancers, liver diseases, mental health problems, injury , self-harm and exposure to violence( Alcohol has become the thi...

... middle of paper ... Schools should have an allocated health class that is
compulsory to attend from grade 3. This is so that students can learn about their health and the dangers of not just binge drinking but other drugs and what these drugs can do to your body and why it is not a good idea to have these.

In conclusion, binge drinking is becoming more popular over the years causing it to become more of a risk to the human body due to it high level of issues it cause like liver diseases, cardiovascular disease, cancer, mental health problems, injury, self-harm and exposure to violence. More trends and Issues are being discovered more. Schools need to educate the students from a young age about binge drinking and the dangers of it. The Government, community and individuals need to take more action to prevent binge drinking in the future the statistics can be lowed and not raised.

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