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What led to the Three-Tier Alcohol Distribution system was popularized belief that alcohol was the problem for the nation’s poverty, crime, violence and other ills. The temperance movement thought that prohibition would be the solution. Upon ratification of the Eighteenth amendment or prohibition, the famous evangelist Billy Sunday said that “The slums will soon be only a memory. We will turn our prisons into factories and our jails into storehouses and corncribs.” (www.wikipedia .org/wiki/Alcohol during and after prohibition)
Before the prohibition, large breweries had their own saloons. If you wanted a specific kind of beer, you went to that particular saloon. The large breweries practiced anti competitiveness by requiring retailers to carry their own specific products. The breweries also held ownership stakes in the bars. The breweries not only provided the bars with their specific beer but also gave loans to the saloons for furniture, beer equipment, and other bar needs. This seemed like a good way to start a bar or saloon. The large breweries required the bars to carry only their labels. The breweries also put a lot of pressure on the bars to increase beer sales. The pressure that the saloon owners pushed to their patrons, pushed them to the point of overindulgence. Society and the temperance movement cried for a solution, and the government gave the eighteenth amendment, otherwise known as Prohibition. (Fermenterium, Blog Achieve- how the three-tiered beer distribution works
Prohibition also known as the Volstead Act banned the manufacture and sale of alcohol. The purpose of this prohibition was to reduce crime and corruption: like domestic violence. To solve social problems, like Domestic violence. The Prohibition also...

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...ise. Producing more alcohol would not solve these problems.
During 1920 to 1933, the prohibition did not fix all of the social problems it was intended to that occurred because of alcohol. It made the problems worse, crimes rates skyrocketed and people’s morals and ethics went out of the window. Since the prohibition period, the three-tier alcohol distribution system has been into effect. This system, far from perfect and may not be a hundred percent of the fix to social our problems. However, since 1933 when the three tiered alcohol distribution took effect it has managed to maintain a partial neutral ground and a fine line for beer producers and distributors to follow. Therefore, as you can see without the three-tier system in place, the manufacturing and distribution of alcohol would be chaotic and unorganized in the United States and in other countries.

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