Essay about The Alcohol Drinking Age Laws

Essay about The Alcohol Drinking Age Laws

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“Lanahan told Stahl Gordie lay passed out on a couch for nine hours, until someone called 911 for help. ‘Gordie died alone in an empty room with his friends surrounding him. And it 's just very preventable. Just inexcusable,’ Lanahan told Stahl. Gordie died of alcohol poisoning.” (CBSNews) According to National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, college drinking occur to four out of five college students. More than 90 percent of the students who drink also do binge drinking. It is “a pattern of drinking that brings blood alcohol concentration levels to 0.08 g/dL. This is around 4 drinks for women and 5 for men in about 2 hours.” Not just death but also assault, sexual abuse, academic problems, drunk driving and suicide attempts happen due to underage drinking in college communities. (NIAAA)
Throughout the history of American alcohol drinking age laws, the prohibition during the 1920s that making, transporting, selling or purchasing alcoholic beverages were considered illegal (Toomey) was definitely the first thing comes to our mind. From The Great Gatsby, a novel known for reflecting the Jazz age, we can perceive how rich people was still throwing lavish parties illegally with “the yellow cocktail music”. It was extremely common is it to see “one of the gypsies, in trembling opal, seizes a cocktail out of the air.” (Fitzgerald) The prohibition ended as a result of failing to maintain sobriety and high amount of financial expenditure. ( This proves how impractical it is to limit alcoholic beverages. Ever since, the drinking age fluctuated from 21 to 18. Until the 1984 National Drinking Age Act, signed by president Ronald Reagan, all states were asked to raise the drinking age to 21 or else the state will receiv...

... middle of paper ... their peers. ... Adolescents learn based on experience. They are not good at learning abstractly; that 's what changes a lot between 18 and 21. When you get older, you can learn from reading stories about people and by really feeling for other people.” Dr. Baird believed that drinking responsibly can be learned through such behavior at a younger age. (Christensen)
It is indeed terrifying to see news such as— “USC Student Found Dead Days After Party—The assistant dean for Student Affairs called Oct. 12 ‘the worst weekend of the semester’ after seven people were taken to the hospital for drinking too much alcohol. One girl suffered a head injury after falling from a table at a Sigma Alpha Epsilon party.” (Cocca) Therefore, supporting lowering minimum drinking age so teenagers can learn how to drinking responsibly like the Europeans is the key for a better society.

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