Alcohol Consumption of University Students Essay

Alcohol Consumption of University Students Essay

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1. Introduction
The following is a research plan that reflects on alcohol consumption of university students. It gives a literature review that will define the problem, prevalence, identify the implications, describe some of the previous studies that have been done on this field and what are their limitations. Introduce the current study, the research topic evaluating the effects of alcohol consumption on university students. Explore any gaps that may occur between the past and current literature. Identify the dependant and independent variables and mention what significance the research questions and explain some of the concepts that appeared in the research plan.
2. Literature Review
Reviewing literature is an essential preliminary task in a research study; it helps bring clarity and focus on the current research topic, improves ones methodology, enhances ones knowledge base and contextualises ones findings (Kumar, 2005).
2. 1. Alcohol consumption and Binge Drinking
In light of the evidence presented about excessive alcohol consumption and its negative effects such as, disease, poor health and cognitive difficulties, bad sexual decisions and sexual dysfunction (National Health and Medical Research Council, 2001, as cited in O’Hara et al. 2008) reported as one of the leading causes of death in Australia that could be prevented(Chikritzhs, 2009).Which creates that risk and high-risks of binge drinking also identified amongst Australian university students as stated by O’Hara et al (2008).Consequently, the economy goes up to billions been spent on alcohol consumption and binge drinking according to Collins and Lapsley cited in Chikritzhs, 2009).task

2.2 Prevalence and Implications.
Alcohol consumption is apparently most ...

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...ational Institute on Alcohol abuse and alcoholism news letter (NIAAA) (2004). Council
approves definition of binge drinking. National department of health and human services: National Institute of Health.
O'Hara, R., Harker, D., Raciti, D., & Harker, M. (2008). Attitudinal, normative and demographic influences on female students' alcohol consumption. Young Consumers, 9(1), 7-16.
Stockley, C. (2008) Recommendations on alcohol consumption: An international comparison. Contemporary Drug Problems, 34(4), 618-714, 551.
Walsh, J and Braithwaite, J. (2008) Self- Reported Alcohol Consumption and Sexual
Behaviour in Males and Females: Using Unmatched-Count Technique to
Examine Reporting Practices of Socially Sensitive Subjects in a Sample of
University Students. Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education, 52(2), 49-72.

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