Alcohol And Drug Use Is A Choice Essay

Alcohol And Drug Use Is A Choice Essay

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Alcohol and Drug Use is a Choice
Millions of people everyday argue whether alcohol and drug use is a disease or a choice. I will be discussing in this argument, in the hopes of giving others a better understanding, to why this topic is so controversial. We all know that choices do not happen without the brain, so is it a choice to drink alcohol and to use drugs? Substance abuse is a free choice, when the choice turns into an addiction that was a freely chosen action. Many people have the choice to get treatment and to put a stop to their addictions. It is all up to that person to choose the right choice to put an end to their current problem.
Millions of people believe that substance abuse is a disease not a choice. In an article from ProQuest Sirs it states that although alcoholism is defined as a medically treatable disease, some people maintain that it is instead a choice on the part of the drinker. The biggest argument is that addiction is a choice, not a disease. For the people on the other side arguing that they claim just the opposite, they believe that this disease; can be inherited and genetic, that it can be past down from generation to generation. There is not concrete evidence that has been found to prove this is a disease. People get high on drugs and drink alcohol because they want to and if they do it to much, then “yes” they can become an addict. However, alcoholism and drug addiction are not a disease, because those types of behaviors can be avoided and there is help available to change these behaviors.
It is stated true that alcohol and drug use can cause diseases, but it does not make the addiction problem a disease! Perhaps the topic of addiction being a disease is so controversial because of lack of knowl...

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...ddicts that can state that, “yes” it was their choice to drink alcohol and use drugs and it was their choice to keep using, but they always had the choice to stop or get help. One of the ex-addicts I have interviewed was an addict for 4 years and is now celebrating her 8th year of sobriety and can say it was all a choice to get help to quit her addictions.
I believe that addiction is a choice and not a disease, but you will come a crossed
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others that will say the opposite; that addiction is a disease not a choice. Everyday there will be millions of alcoholics and a drug users that will come acrossed the choice to drink that beer or smoke drugs. It will also be their choice to give up their addiction, get help and put a stop to their addictions. If they wish to not put a stop to their addiction, then yes most likely they will end up with brain damage.

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