Alcohol Addiction : Is It A Mental Illness? Essays

Alcohol Addiction : Is It A Mental Illness? Essays

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Alcohol Addiction: Is it a Mental Illness?
It was a typical Monday morning as I drove home from work, exhausted from having to perform more than twenty four hours of duty. Windows down, Oakley sunglasses adorn my tiresome face to block the shimmer of sunlight from my sensitive eyes. Anxiously looking forward to the softness of my pillow, I pushed the accelerator to the floor propelling my car into overdrive. Zipping by the night club Area 151 was when I notice him lying on the ground, motionless. With tires screeching I quickly came to unrehearsed stop, the rush of adrenaline and flashes of my military training captivated my mind, transferring me into autopilot. As I ran over to his location yelling “hey buddy are you ok” following the ABC’s of first aid, I could not help but notice the large pool of blood from the deep laceration on his face, the twisted front wheel of his bicycle, and a strong stench of alcohol coming from his liquor stained John Sport backpack. “All my beers are broken” was all he muttered as he fell trying to get regain his footing, relieved that the fellow was a...

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