Alcohol Abuse Among Young Adults Essay

Alcohol Abuse Among Young Adults Essay

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Alcohol Abuse in Young Adult
Alcohol is the most commonly used substance among youth in many developed countries. Of concern, alcohol can disrupt normative brain development among teenagers and is associated with a range of cognitive, behavioral, emotional and physical difficulties. Consequently, the global public health burden and economic costs of alcohol involvement are high. (Mason & Spoth 2012).
Alcohol involvement is multi-dimensional, manifest in different behaviors that unfold in a developmental progression over time. Early onset occurs before age 13. Alcohol use and alcohol problems increase steadily throughout adolescence and the past year prevalence of alcohol abuse peaks in young adulthood (Mason & Spoth 2012). This paper discusses alcohol abuse with focus on young adult between the ages of 13 to 18 in regards to consequences of alcohol abuse. In addition our teaching plan includes educational need based on assessment, teaching strategies, and evaluation of the group 's understanding of educational content.
Targeted audience
Alcohol abuse is one of the most significant social and health problems among young adults. According the American Academy of Pediatrics most intellectually developing young adult boys and girls enter adolescence still observing the world around them in existing terms of right or wrong, awesome or awful. Seldom are their sights beyond the present which proves the young adults inability to consider the long term consequence of their actions. Even though their ability to solve complex problems and to sense what others are thinking has sharpened considerably, they are still fairly inexpert in life and as a result may act without rational. Heavy drinking can make the individual behave in ways ...

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...issues related to alcohol consumptions, risk factors and ways to prevent them. After administering the quiz, it will be mark out of 100% and then evaluate the result to grade if learning has taken place. Test provide good feedback for the evaluator also the test result reflects the effect of teaching and inform the need and areas for revision.
Alcohol abuse in young adolescent is among the leading causes of car accidents, lower grades in school among other health related complications. This paper was created to help understand the risks and raise awareness, teaching strategies were created in accordance to the young adolescent group. Overall, it 's important for an adolescent to seek help as soon as they suspect they might have a drinking problem early awareness and intervention helps ensure the individual will not experience serious health complications.

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