Album Art Analysis: The Beatles, Nirvana, Bruce Springsteen, Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Album Art Analysis: The Beatles, Nirvana, Bruce Springsteen, Red Hot Chilli Peppers

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Album Art Analysis

1. The Beatles: St. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band:
- St. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club band was released on June 1st 1967. It holds some of The Beatles worldwide hits such as “With a little help from my friends” & “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. The artwork and content on this album fits itself due to the fact it has everyone joined together which is suitable for what was going on during that time era. The background consists of cut- outs of different famous people. All the bright colors used in this album can draw the fans devotion by bringing positive energy through different fan’s perspective. The album cover consists of “The Beatles” written in flowers, following everyone that is standing behind them. The back drop of the album is suppose to be a fake band serving as the band’s alter ego, which is Paul McCartney’s idea. I feel as though this album represents the band to a Tee during this era. During 1967 the Beatles were paving their way as an international sensation to America and The “Make Love, Not War” stereotype that was going on during this time. This album cover shows people coming together. The Beach Boys influenced the album & The Grammy Award-winning album packaging was art-directed by Robert Fraser, designed by Peter Blake and Jann Haworth, his wife and artistic partner, and photographed by Michael Cooper.

2. The Beatles: Abbey Road:
The Beatles Abbey Road was released on September 29th 1969 and served as number one in both the UK & United States in 1969. The album includes hits such as “Something” & “Come Together”. The album includes styles of Blues & Rock & Roll. It symbolizes what people believe as “The Funeral” which has many different meanings to fans. Beatle members play a diff...

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