Alarm Clock And The Kitchen Table Essay

Alarm Clock And The Kitchen Table Essay

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I tried to reach over to get to the alarm clock and set it back a couple of minutes just to give me enough time to get in the restroom and get ready. So by the time my sister would wake up I would already be sitting on the kitchen table eating breakfast, looking at her with a smirk of happiness. This had worked out for me a before but this morning it seemed as if my sister had slept with one eye opened all night. The alarm just rang once and she was already up without hesitating she turned back and told me
“The early bird catches the warm well in this case the restroom”
I get up tripping over the shoes that we have lying on the floor; the same ones my mother had asked for us to pick up only one hundred times. I rush to put on my clothes that I set out the night before, and as I turn to see my sister she is already fully dressed and putting on her shoes, I try to sprint to the restroom she pulls my hair, my head tilts back with her pull cosign me lose sit on where I’m stopping for a second and down I go tripping over another pair of shoes and out comes the laughter.
“Ha ha ha ha have to be quicker than that”
I already knew she was going to take all morning in there, and by the time it was my turn to go into the restroom it would also be time to go to school. Regardless of my attempts, she still managed to make it in the restroom before I did.
I sat by the restroom door knocking and nocking repeating myself
“Aide hurry”
I called out, but she responded
“Should have woken up earlier. Sorry not sorry”
I sat by the door to k...

... middle of paper ...

... and planning what we would do together boy or girls I wanted to believe we would be inseparable. Little did I know my older sister Aide would be right, the months passed by and my little sister was born we named her Alexa she was quiet and looked like an angle. Too bad that didn’t last forever as the years went by, she grew up into a wonderful, beautiful, kind but an annoying little girl that I would fight with as much as my older sister did with me this didn’t mean I loved her any less, it just made her
“My annoying little sister “
Like I once was. It was then that I realized it is just
“A sibling thing”
You fight with them like cats and dogs, but at the end of the day you know they are the only ones that will never leave your side.

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