The Alabama Commission On Higher Education Essay

The Alabama Commission On Higher Education Essay

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The Alabama Commission on Higher Education is noted for its accessibility, affordability, and coordination. Alabama Commission on Higher Education’s mission is to provide a reasonable education, provide financial aid programs, provide higher education programs, setup policies, as well as setup a frame for each institution to meet the needs of the citizens. I believe the Alabama Commission gives all citizens the possibility to obtain a degree or certificate to place them in a competitive work force. They are thinking of the future of our citizens and are looking years ahead to improve the lives of our citizens.

The main criteria, along with guidelines, that are needed to be addressed to evaluate a new program proposal is the institutional role, need for the program, collaboration, student availability, completion requirements, institutional context, program administration, accreditation, resources to support the program, financial support, program viability, distance education technology, programs objective, and content. So, as you can see, there is a lot that goes into getting a new academic program proposed and established for an institution. The necessary forms that are needed are the notification of intention to submit a proposal for the new program at the institution and the institutional response to notification of intention to submit a proposal for the new program. These are forms that are needed in case of submission of reasonable extension to existing programs and instruction for submission of alterations to existing programs.

The institution’s role is to first see if the Commission has recognized the program within the institution. The institution then needs to figure out if there is a need for the program within the in...

... middle of paper ... both Alabama and New York’s Commissions have a lot in common with the exception of a couple of things. Alabama takes a ten month process to approve of a program whereas New York can take just as little as thirty days. I find both to be beneficial and I can see how one can give you more time to prepare your case or the other can get your case moving at a quicker rate. Another difference is Alabama gives institutions three years for the institution to clean up its mess whereas New York only gives two years. I think allowing an institution more time to focus on their program and find where their flaws in the program are more beneficial. Their criteria needed to make the program successful are the same as well as the criteria needed to suspend the institution. I feel that Alabama’s website has a better description of how a program for an institution can be created.

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