Essay on Al Qaed A Radical Islamic Militant Organization

Essay on Al Qaed A Radical Islamic Militant Organization

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Al-Qaeda is a radical Islamic militant organization that is considered, by the United States, to be a terrorist group. Founded in 1988 by Osama bin Laden and other Arab leaders, it was initially formed to defend Afghanistan against the Soviet invasion. The translation of the name is “The Fundament” regarding the organization’s fundamentalist beliefs of Islam and the Qur’an. This radical religious based group was only able to flourish and gain a multitude of followers due to the regional population’s lack of basic education.

With the lack of secularized education throughout Afghanistan and other Middle East region’s schools, fundamentalist beliefs were taught and widely accepted in its place. Faced with a population with little to no basic knowledge, Afghanistan faced severe economic struggles that in turn worsened their opportunity for education attainment. Middle Eastern schools primarily focus and depend on the teachings of the Islamic religion, which does not expose them to other generalized education or different cultural ideologies. Soon, the Taliban was educated in Afghan schools in attempted to convert the Muslim population into religious extremists who fight against the spread of western culture.

When religious parties are allowed to influence the youths educational learnings, it creates a perfect breeding ground for uneducated, uncultured, religious extremists to flourish and often times form a group with terroristic qualities. This is demonstrated not only by the Islamic religion and Al-Qaeda but all throughout the world with different religions; the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda, the National Liberation Front of Tripura in India, the Ku Klux Klan in the United States. Yes, even in developed countries like the Unit...

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... Does God Make a Difference?, Walter Feinberg suggests, “Perhaps the most important learning that students could gain from any religion course is the understanding that there is no one religious point of view and that even members of the ‘‘same’’ religion can differ on fundamentals,” (Feinberg, 9). It is important that a child is exposed to multiple perspectives of beliefs so that they are fully able to question and critique their peers and their own beliefs and religious views. This would allow for the students to reflect upon themselves from an internal and external inspection, arriving at a more self actualized state. Education on the religiosity of regions around the world would help people see that religion evolves over time and help conservative Christian followers progress with the changing environment rather than stay stagnant in their beliefs and traditions.

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