Al Jarreau is an Incredible Singer at Any Age Essay

Al Jarreau is an Incredible Singer at Any Age Essay

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Expect world-renowned jazz singer Al Jarreau to perform his funky fresh tunes with no less vocal skill than in his younger years. Despite his age, Al has retained his credibility as a singer and performer.
He incorporates several genres into his jazz including R&B, scat, funk and soul. He’s just as an impressive scat singer as ever, improvising with his nonsense syllables with eloquence- each syllable enhancing whatever the orchestra or sextet are playing in the background. Some of his scats, like in Roof Garden, replicate the tones of an electric guitar or bass as he belts out stock patterns and riffs while bending forward and playing the air guitar. Even when he’s singing prewritten lines, Al has been able to adapt his voice to still hit higher pitches and use his voice as an instrument.
His stage presence remains no less impressive as he moves around the stage in classy slacks and button downs, sometimes with a vest. His dancing remains funky and free from crotch grabs or of some of today’s more popular performers.
Al is definitely older, but his songs like Roof Garden bring are fast-paced and enjoyable to watch and hear even to those who don’t like the genre. His voice is lower and seems to have lost some of the nasalization that characters his guitar-replicating scatting, and the lyrics are even less intelligible, but this man’s ability to sing across multiple octaves, spit out some beautiful and complex melodies and scat remains remarkable.
Al Jarreau will be headlining The Denton Arts and Jazz Festival on Friday, April 25 at 9 p.m. at the Wells Fargo and Budweiser stage after other great acts including Pete Brewer, William Foley and the UNT 1 O'Clock Lab Band. The Denton Arts and Jazz Festival, held at Quakertown Park, ...

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...rchestral material for Jarreau's shows. This was followed on by the Grammy nominated “Accentuate the Positive” in 2004.
Al’s 30th year in the music business saw another landmark with the pairing up with his peer the legendary R&B guitarist & singer, George Benson, for the album “Givin’ It Up.” “Givin’ It Up” was released in 2006 and garnered a Grammy nominations for Best R&B Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group, for “Breezin'” and two wins in 2007: Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance for “God Bless The Child” and Best Pop Instrumental for “Mornin". In 2008, Al released his first-ever Christmas album.
In a decorated career spanning over 30 years, Jarreau has moved us to tears of joy and sadness with some of the most memorable jazz songs in history. He has and continues to tour and perform with other house-held names worldwide, with his sextet and symphony shows.

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