Airport Terminal Passenger Movement Essay

Airport Terminal Passenger Movement Essay

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Traveling across the country can be a challenge because of the many ways to chose from. Even when you and family decide to travel for a plan vacation, and take your personal vehicle it can be a hassle. How much time do you have seems to be a major factor, because if the drive is too long, how tired will you be after the trip. Of course there are trains and buses that can get you to your destination in a preferred time and will probably not be as busy and the lines will not be as long but the preferred choice and the biggest growing transportation industry is airlines.
The air transportation industry, have plenty of people that travel each year for several of reasons from one city to another, like business or pleasure trips. “The common notion of business travelers is that they tend to travel more frequently than leisure travelers and they tend to pay higher prices for these services” (Mason, 1995). Whether it is business or leisure, the airport terminal is a busy and complicated place for people to visit each year.
With over 650 million passengers travelling annually, each with different agendas, itineraries, needs, and desires, airport terminals have become complex systems in their own rights, incorporating both necessary passenger and baggage processing services as well as a full spectrum of customer service, retail shopping, food and beverage, and other facilities to make the passengers’ transition between the airside and landside components of the airport system as pleasant as possible. (Wells and Young, 2003, p.208)
People need to understand in the modern day that because of security matters, the days of arriving to the airport within 30 minutes and making your flight is over. Post 9/11 incidents have made it diff...

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...ore takeoff. You just have to do your part and you can be one the passengers in the large group of passengers that travel throughout the many airports every year, with little or no problems. The airline industry is adapting to all new challenges, and it won’t be long before they find a way to get us through the terminals even faster.  

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