Airport Security Is A Big Issue Essay

Airport Security Is A Big Issue Essay

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Airport security is a big issue today because many people talk down on it when story after story, it is made to protect the people. Kip Hawley acknowledges that airport security has become so bureaucratic and disconnected from the people for which it is meant to protect for over a decade after 9/11 (Hawley). So why isn’t TSA taking the public’s opinions into consideration? TSA hears over thousands of complaints on a daily about their “stupid security checkpoints” or their “lazy employees”. The thing is, if airports were to improve their security staff, then less people would attempt to bring dangerous items onto the plane. If airports were to have dogs that are trained to smell toxic liquid, that would fix solutions quickly. TSA depends solely on their scanners too much. Ed Hewitt argues that TSA needs to fix the sloppiness and uncaring employees that make the security process drag longer than it would normally be. They should hire more experienced and reliable security guards that won’t just stand around. They need to stop spending so much money on security cameras and scanners when they should have more security out on the floor (Hewitt). The TSA’s budget is currently 8.1 billion. That’s huge (Useful or Useless?).

Additionally, with many people not wanting to go through the long process of airport security, they decide to drive to their destination. “We 're actually less safe because of the TSA. Driving to the airport is the most dangerous part of air travel, but we don 't think that much about driving risks because we drive so much. By making flying less convenient and more expensive, the TSA has unwittingly encouraged more people to drive and, on net, put us in even greater danger” (Art). Schneier concedes that fear of ...

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...ther ways that you can get into touch with TSA rather than just emailing them and wondering if they will ever get back to you. Cari Oleskewicz explains different ways to gain contact with TSA. In person, if your question is lengthy, visit the TSA office located at the airport instead of starting a conversation while you are in line. You can call the TSA between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday. A Talk to TSA online form is available for passengers who have recommendations, feedback or need information. Look for the form at The TSA does not maintain a Facebook page. However, you can connect with the agency on Twitter (Oleskewicz). Airport security can and should be fixed! Soon enough TSA will have no choice but to fix and amend their security procedures. No one likes waiting in long lines with chaotic people for more than one hour.

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