Airline Travel And Its Effect On The Boarding Process Essay

Airline Travel And Its Effect On The Boarding Process Essay

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Airline travelling instills anxiety in passengers due to the ever changing rules and demands made by the airlines, government, and the TSA. As more planes take the sky, pressure is put on companies to reduce delays and increase profitability. However, nowadays one of the causes of takeoff delay is due to passenger speed in boarding and deplaning. This pressure is thus transferred onto crew members to manage passengers and help them get sat and buckled. Pilots were known to tax airplanes on the runway with passengers still scurrying to find overhead space to store their luggage. Because of safety concerns, the rules changed and the pilots were unable to taxi the airplane with standing passengers. This rule change caused flights to be delayed because of the slow boarding process. A news post titled “Carry-on bag chaos has to end” by CNN on June 23, 2015, discusses that rules concerning carryon luggage are about to change in order to streamline the boarding process. Reductions in the boarding process can save more than 50 million dollars per year for major airlines (Jaehn, Neumann 2014). In order to streamline boarding, carryon luggage will receive further restrictions on size, and weight. With these aspects in mind, this paper will firstly discuss the apparent reason to change the rules in which reinforces surveillance culture. Thus, common people are marked as suspicious bodies where the institutional gaze is strengthened, culminating in the reinforcement of capitalist hegemony. In order to support these claims, this paper will include a discourse analysis on the news posted by CNN, also identifying the deviant passengers and related cases in the past. Furthermore, this paper will also identify the type of surveillance that is empl...

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...y in order to pit passengers into airplane fights (TheLipTV). Though they realize that airlines have become unpleasant for passengers, TheLipTV reporters question on their Youtube channel passenger behaviour over the use of Knee Defender, “was the woman being selfish [by starting a fight]?”. In addition, “Airplane etiquette” is mentioned in which passengers who have caused the flight to be diverted to be at the center of all fault. This pattern is seen in similar news reports where it states that, “The incident is the latest of a series of incidents in which misbehaving passengers have caused problems on flights” (Plautz). Probable impacts and risks in which the media perpetuates is of passenger defamation on social media (Whiteside et al.). A probable risk incurs on passenger safety in case the issue escalates to proportions where the air crew is unable to contain.

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