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Vivid, bold words and images draw in the curious readers who are searching for a company to take them on their next adventure. But is this the only thing that draws them in? When searching for an airline, people like to research the best deal. They want to know if there is a special membership they could obtain if they have flown with the company multiple times, or if the airline offers them a discount fare. They also might be curious if the airline flies internationally to exotic locales. These are the things that draw in flyers, that persuade them to choose one company over another, and which companies like Southwest and United are specifically aware of resulting in effective campaigns that convince potential flyers to purchase with them.
It seems like the airline companies all use one strategy to gain loyal customers, they have established a membership. People are drawn to these because they get benefits that only members get like discount fares, free hotel rooms, and even special treatment like boarding first. For Southwest, people who sign up are referred to as Rapid Reward members. They can gain points by flying with Southwest, buying the rewards, receiving them as a gift, or by using Chase banks. As a Rapid Rewards member your points will never expire, you will have no blackout dates, and you can use your points to fly internationally.
United members are in the Mileage Plus program. Being a part of this organization gives people an endless amount of opportunity to gather up points. United Airlines has strong ties with some international airlines (like Air Canada), so if a member flew with any of United’s partners they could gain points. United is also partnered with hotels, cruise lines, car rentals and even Amtrak. If a ...

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...ompany typically use United for their benefits when traveling in and outside of the country.
With these tactics in mind, airline companies are hoping to be chosen by potential customers for their future travel arrangements. Southwest and United both use reward programs that offer special benefits to their members as a way to persuade people to purchase from their airline, each employing their own strategies. United offers a wide variety of international travel destinations and they provide assigned seating. This type of service targeted towards large companies, especially if they are flying overseas. Southwest is best known for having cheap domestic flights around the country, which targets families and weekend vacationers. Each website is tailored to meet their customers’ needs; it is just up to the individual customer to decide which option will suit them the best.

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