Aircraft Scheduling and Fleet Management Essay example

Aircraft Scheduling and Fleet Management Essay example

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The primary considerations for airline scheduling are routes that “provide optimum public service...consistent with the financial health of the carrier” (Wensveen, 2011). In addition to that, there are numerous other factors that must be taken into account. These factors include: equipment maintenance, crews, facilities, marketing factors, and other factors such as wind patterns and what I would call “rush hour”. The aircraft must be scheduled so as to allow adequate time for routine maintenance, as well as a buffer to meet unscheduled maintenance requirements. Crews must be scheduled with adequate crew rest periods allowed, as well as avoiding over-flying the maximum hours as directed by the Federal Aviation Regulations. Facilities refers to the necessary infrastructure to support the operation at any airport utilized by the carrier. “Marketing factors are numerous, including…market size, trip length, time zones involved, and proximity of the airport to the market served” (Wensveen, 2011). Some of the “other” factors that relate specifically to Great Lake Airlines are “seasonal factors, related to weather conditions and changes in passenger demand” (US SEC, 2013). According to the SEC quarterly report, the “high season” for Great Lakes is May through October and they experience lower passenger volumes (as well as reduced cash flow) in the November through April timeframe. Luckily for them, there is no seasonal fluctuation on the EAS routes as these routes and scheduling are regulated by the DOT. This allows at least some portion of the revenue to be predictable.
According to the annual report for 2012, the Great Lakes Airlines aircraft fleet consists of 28 Beechcraft 1900D aircraft and six Embraer Brasilia aircraft, w...

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